Harpreet Singh

Udacity Deeplearning course setup for Anaconda

28 Jan 2017


This blog sets up the core software requirements for the Udacity deeplearning course to get you started quickly.

I have just signed up for the deeplearning course and am fairly excited about it. The course heavily depends on Python - I used Python about 18 years back and have been a java guy since. The course requires you to setup Python 3.5, a number of data packages as part of Anaconda (a data science platform for analytics).

Rather than struggle with requirements on my Mac again and again, I have setup a docker image that is up-to date with all the core requirements for this coursework. Here is what you need to do get the docker image and run jupyter (which is wiki system for data analysis).

   docker run -i -t -p 8888:8888 hsingh/anaconda-deeplearning
   cd /home/jupyter
   jupyter notebook --ip='*' --port=8888

To bring up the Jupyter notebook, go to your browser on the host machine and enter